Our whimsical partnership began in 2007 when we met on an open source project called Apollo IM. Since then we've released Turf Geography Club and are currently building Swift.

Michael Tseng

co-founder / designer


Once in a while a stroke of genius comes along. Michael is sort of like the cousin of that genius, twice removed - sort of genius. Formally trained as an industrial designer with an interaction design minor, he's sharpened his teeth in the software world of SAP, the industrial design world of Smart Design, and more recently the advertising wonderland that is Crispin Porter and Bogusky. Michael is a specialist in all things internet, social connectivity, and story telling to remote users. At this very moment he's designing UX and speaking in third person.

Adam Bellmore

co-founder / developer


Adam is a software designer with skills in mobile and embedded development. Before co-founding Polar Expedition he was paid to mess around with nuclear subs. More specifically, he was part of an elite team of nerds that built code ensuring the awesome destructive capability of our nation's navy. His past could be described in more detail but we'd be forced to deploy our ultimate ninja assassins. Adam actually began developing for iOS before there was an official SDK, provided by Apple, which gives credence to his time traveler origin story. Sorry ladies he's married.